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  1. The 3 Types of Search Queries & How You Should Target Them

    • Navigational Search Queries. What Is a Navigational Search Query? A navigational query is a search query entered with the intent of finding a particular website or webpage.
    • Informational Search Queries. What Is an Informational Search Query? ...
    • Transactional Search Queries. What Is a Transactional Search Query? ...
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  2. SearchQuarry - Background Checks, License Plate Searches ...


    Search by name, phone number, license plate number, or VIN. View background records, civil records, liens, contact info, & more.

  3. Web search query - Wikipedia


    A web search query is a query based on a specific search term that a user enters into a web search engine to satisfy their information needs. Web search queries are distinctive in that they are often plain text or hypertext with optional search-directives (such as "and"/"or" with "-" to exclude). They vary greatly from standard query languages, which are governed by strict syntax rules as command languages with keyword or positional parameters.

  4. What is a Search Engine Query? - Definition from Techopedia


    Search Engine Query: A search engine query is a request for information that is made using a search engine. Every time a user puts a string of characters in a search engine and presses "Enter", a search engine query is made. The string of characters (often one or more words) act as keywords that the search engine uses to algorithmically match ...

  5. The 3 Types of Search Queries & How You Should Target Them

    A navigational query is a search query entered with the intent of finding a particular website or webpage. For example, a user might enter \"youtube\" into Google's search bar to find the YouTube site rather than entering the URL into a browser's navigation bar or using a bookmark. In fact, “facebook” and “youtube” are the top two searches on Google, and these are both navigational queries.
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    • Published: Aug 28, 2019
    • Query types and composition - Azure Cognitive Search ...

      • Examples are useful for introducing new concepts. As a representative query constructed in the REST API, this example targets the real estate demo index and includes common parameters. 1. queryType sets the parser, which in Azure Search can be the default simple query parser (optimal for full text search), or the full Lucene query parser used for advanced query constructs like regular expressions, proximity search, fuzzy and wildcard search, to name a few. 2. search provides the match criteri...
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    • Keyword queries and search conditions for Content Search ...


      The search query that is created by using the keywords box and conditions is displayed on the Search page, in the details pane for the selected search. In a query, everything to the right of the notation (c:c) indicates conditions that are added to the query.